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So if the wind blows strongly, there's more electricity going into the grid.
There's some adjustments now you can do to the wind turbines to try to even it out. But essentially, it's up to the wind.
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Illegal wildlife trade totals billions of dollars a year globally, but conservationists say the problem is most acute in Southeast Asia.

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Finding out the way you should go regarding the self improvement procedure could be puzzling. As the label suggests, personal development can be a distinctly individual experience since a lot depends on you. That experiencing been mentioned, you should look for first time tips and ideas to help you together with your personal development desired goals.
Metapneumovirus; IV, Influenza virus; PIV, Parainfluenza virus; PyV, Polyomavirus; RSV, Respiratory syncytial virus, RV, Rhinovirus.Alsaleh et al. BMC Infectious Diseases 2014, 14:15 6 ofFigure 2 Comparison between average ERV3 cycle threshold (Ct) values in respiratory virus positive (dark bars) versus negative (light bars) samples. In ERV3-positive
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Top court has dismissed a case from an animal advocacy group challenging the power of the Conservation Officers Service (COS) to euthanize animals at its discretion.
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