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Of dBat assembly strategies, we gained insights into the functional significance of Bat1 non-RVD polymorphisms. These polymorphisms provided a molecular handle to question different models. The results of these experiments are possibly specific to Bat proteins but most likely are relevant to the non-RVD polymorphisms of other TALE-like proteins. The RVD switch constructs (Figure 6A) tested the im
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Many people work or have travel restrictions, which makes voting extremely inconvenient.
Voting should take place over a full weekend.
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Ta GY, McKerrow JH: Brugia pahangi: identification and characterization of an aminopeptidase associated with larval molting. Exp Parasitol 1993, 76(2):127-133. 44. Rhoads ML, Fetterer RH, Urban JF Jr: Secretion of an aminopeptidase during transition of third- to fourth-stage larvae of Ascaris suum. J Parasitol 1997, 83(5):780-784. 45. Rhoads ML, Fetterer RH, Urban JF Jr: Effect of protease class-
C D, Soll J, Whelan J (2007) Characterization of the preprotein and amino acid transporter gene family in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 143: 199?12 Murcha MW, Elhafez D, Millar AH, Whelan J (2004) The N-terminal extension of plant mitochondrial carrier proteins is removed by two-step processing: the first cleavage is by the mitochondrial processing peptidase. J Mol Biol 344: 443?54 Murcha MW, Elhafe
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Reating TALE-Bat chimeric repeat domains utilising a simple assay approach previously used in our lab to test chimeric TALE-RipTAL repeat arrays (10). Three identical copies of different Bat repeats were used to replace three repeats in a dTALE targeting the pepper Bs3 promoter (Bs3p). These were then tested in planta against a reporter construct bearing a Bs3p fragment upstream of a uidA (GUS) g
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